Tuesday, July 13, 2010

My Intelligence Theory paper was cited by 1659

You have to search this quadsearch engine using the full article name.
Otherwise it will not appear at all.
I am surprised that my conference paper was cited more times than
Multiple Intelligences theory, although google ranking is much much
lower at 1.
I had tried a few citation extracting engines. quadsearch is the third
one that I tried. It does not search properly when I use my name. Even
complete title search failed. You must make it a general search for
all languages and subjects. If you narrow the search, it will fail.
You must be willing to filter it yourself. We cannot rely on search
engines to filter for us.
I would like to know how quadsearch calculates the number of
citations. Many citation engines cannot quote from all publications
especially from conferences that are deemed to be low class
publications, but I prefer to quote from conferences and even internet
sources. They are more up to date and controversial.
It is refreshing that quadsearch is able to extract from google
scholar all citations for all types of articles. Google ranking tends
to be very subjective and highly filtered. For example, it takes into
account who the author is, and how old the publication was.
Since I am not active publishing articles since it is not my job and
it is costly to publish, I am not that well known. Theory is more than
20 years old and not much development had been published based on this
work but I have been developing it by myself comparing my results with
current state of the art in computer architectures.
Intelligence Theory was developed for computer architecture or more
oriented to organisation as current textbooks would like to call it
since it is hardware based. Many of my results shows that Intel and
other established computer developers are missing the whole point,
most probably because they have not approached the problem
scientifically, such as using Information Theory and therefore
Intelligence theory.
The adhoc, SPEC-mark style of measurements are still being used,
making optimal designs very difficult to do. I am trying to get
funding in order to publish more papers on this theory. In fact
campaigning to make Information Theory more acceptable to computer
scientists and architects/designers. It should also be easy to patents
many new designs based on IntelligenceTheory but it is a question of
whether it is worthwhile or not. How can we compete against multi-
billion dollar companies such as Intel and IBM?
I shall put the screen capture of the quadsearch result of my paper in
my blogspot, scientificintelligence.
I have to rename it as scientificintelligence because
intelligencetheory blogspot was taken by the multiple intelligences
theory group, which I call nonsense because of its impracticality.